Lovely Little Things: The Monogram Edition

Monograms aren’t just for über preps anymore, although I think we can certainly thank them for their rise in popularity over recent years. Lisa Birnbach, author of The Official Preppy Handbook, writes “Preppies have known it for years: who needs LV or YSL when you can lay claim to a discreet EBW III. Monograms symbolize ownership, telling people that we’re proud of our names and heritage. Not to mention, they add a bit of classiness to the most ordinary of things. A canvas tote? Kind of boring. A monogrammed canvas tote? A whole different story.

However, there are a few (subjective) rules before heading to the monogram shop:

Less is more. Monograms should be understated in both size and number. Your monogrammed filigree necklace should not be worn with your monogrammed Jack Rogers and your monogrammed J.Crew oxford. Pick one. Monograms should also be limited in size. Keep them small. You don’t go around shouting your first, middle, and last name to everyone you meet. Your belongings shouldn’t either.

Just because it can be monogrammed, doesn’t mean it should. Avoid monogramming the windshield of your car, a mani/pedi, or your dog’s collar. If you’re under the age of 50 and live in the Midwest, avoid the belt buckle too…by all means.

And so while, yes, there are a few don’ts to keep in mind with monogramming, here are few pieces that are definite do’s in my book.


1. Leather Tote, Mark and Graham  |  2. Monogrammed Sunglasses, The Pink Monogram  |  3. Greek Key Monogrammed Note Set, Design Darling  |  4. Monogrammed Vase, Maid of Clay  |  5. Monogrammed Lamp Shade, Shades of Light  |  6. Coasters, Haymarket Designs



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