A Lovely Evening

Thursday evening, Katie and I attended a benefit for the Literacy Network, an organization I became involved with shortly after moving to Cincinnati six years ago.  The event, Handbags for Hope, was absolutely lovely – a ladies night out featuring a live and silent auction of designer and casual handbags, raffles, cocktails, food and entertainment. The event was held at The Cincinnati Club, a historic building downtown, where the elegant European-style rooms and decor were the perfect setting for an evening of style and substance.

The live auction included several designer handbags. Katie and I each had our eye on a (different) Kate Spade bag but the bags both went for more than either of us wanted to pay. The less expensive handbags were featured in the silent auction, many replica pieces as well as a Coach corner.  Even though we didn’t win, the competitive streak in both of us enjoyed the bidding.

We’d hoped to fare better in the raffles, buying tickets for a chance to win a Caribbean cruise, a Coach purse, and weekend Jaguar rental. My favorite though was the raffle hosted by a popular local bakery, Abby Girl Sweets. Instead of raffle tickets, guests bought cupcakes. The cupcakes were brought to our tables later in the evening where everyone took their first bite in unison. The winner was identified by hot pink filling inside her cupcake and then given her pick of diamond baubles from a local jeweler. No hot pink filling for me but I couldn’t complain – the red velvet cupcake was delicious. Definitely the sweetest raffle I’ve ever participated in!

The event raised $30,000 for the organization, 50% higher than last year’s total. While the event itself was lovely, knowing how the proceeds would benefit the organization and those struggling with basic literacy skills made the night even more meaningful.

Some highlights from the evening –

hand painted martini glasses

Handbags for Hope hand-painted martini glass


A tower of sweets

coach bag

I had my eye on this one


The bidding begins!


Hoping for the winning cupcake…


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